Nutrient Management

Maximizing returns from your manure resources. 

Manure & Nutrient Management

Maximizing returns from your manure resources.

Nutrient Management

Manure and Nutrient Management services are the heart of our company. With a focus on agronomy, Nutrient Advisors understands the tremendous fertilizer value and yield impacts of manure/organic fertilizers. The same information that is required for compliance has proven extremely valuable in manure, compost, and bio-solid placement.

Nutrient Advisors advises clients to be very strategic and intentional in the management of their manure and organic fertilizer resources. We tailor specific plans for different manure products to be transported and applied to the right acres at the right times. As a result, many of our farmer/feeder clients have dramatically impacted their whole farm fertility, yields, and profitability.​​

Nutrient Management Planning

Many livestock and grain operations are required to have and maintain a Nutrient Management Plan for their state environmental agency and/or NRCS. Nutrient Advisors writes plans that are strategically in our clients’ best interest, not just to achieve compliance.

Nutrient Management is important to us because we know the value of the nutrients and are focused on maximizing that value for our clients.

Manure Marketing

Nutrient Advisors is an industry leader in providing expertise to livestock operations and grain producers on managing manure fertilizer.  A manure sales program can return value back to an operation and to crop producing neighbors.  Our team can provide assistance with:  

  • Representative Sampling

  • Product Pricing

  • Logistics

If a livestock producing client would like to rely upon a third party to build a professional manure marketing program, StrongField Resources has become a trusted link between livestock and grain producers.